Going through the coaching process with you has felt safe and supportive.  You have guided me to see how I sabotage myself with beliefs that I thought were unshakable to re look at them I see they no longer fit me.  I choose to give my self permission to let them shrink.  I feel so much more confident and empowered to reach beyond my default desires and into my life purpose.  Thank you for finding ME. ~Polly Fletcher,  Boston MA 2017

Madison Frederick has done so much for me over the years. Not only has she been patient and generous with my sometimes slow progress, but she has always been there faithfully for me during my down times as a generous healer. She has so many tools that has helped me throughout the years; Reiki, Feng Shui, tapping, and Chakra work. And, recently, she has recently helped me discover my limiting beliefs about money. Using the Money Map system, she has helped me go deeply within and brought me to a healthy place about money! Since then, I’ve gotten a raise a work, and I’ve begun starting my own business!

She is easy to approach and nice to work with. She is loyal and sincere. If you need someone to walk beside you, she will not disappoint. 

Kathy McGinty

Madison draws from a tremendous amount of wisdom about what it takes to achieve a lasting transformation. She taps into her finely-tuned intuition to know exactly which direction to guide you. Working with Madison always brings me comfort because she’s so compassionate, yet I’m always fired up to take actin because she’s helped bring me to a whole new level of awareness.

Kristyn Avalos  Life and Success coaching  www.kristynavalos.com 

I’m new to experiencing EFT sessions and so thrilled to be guided by Madison Frederick.  Oh the joy of witnessing the changes in myself!  Prior to my sessions I have an idea of what I need Madison to help me with and then she gently guides me with her questions so I can become comfortable enough to discover what anxieties I’m holding at my core.   How I feel at the beginning of the session compared to how I react when we finish are not subtle shifts.  At the beginning of my last session I felt confident and worried that I may not maintain my weight loss.  Madison guided me as I surrendered to the true statements I said out loud while I tapped on my energy points all the while my perspective changed as I released my confusion and remembered how far I have come, how hard I have worked and how capable and unstoppable I truly am.  Wow, what a sense of relief that overwhelmed me.  Words cannot express how much I appreciate Madison’s caring gift she is willing to provide to us.  I feel so positive today!

Mary Holley