EFT Tapping


What is tapping or emotional technique EFT? It is a clinically proven mind body exercise that involves tapping with fingers on acupressure points. As you are tapping on these points you will be expressing your feelings out loud. This works to give your feelings a voice, make them heard so that your feelings can be honored. The tapping works to disconnect the emotion as it connects to your nervous system. Everyone has heard of the fight or flight or freeze reaction. When the adrenaline pours in when you are under stress and there is a mind body connection. Tapping is a proven method that works to disconnect this bodily reaction from the painful or upsetting emotions. This technique works on the subconscious wiring of your brain and deactivates your emotional response to make you more calm and clear thinking. Tapping works to clear unconscious mental blocks that prevent you from being healthy, making or saving more money, having healthy relationships and bring you a more peaceful self. This technique will show you very quickly how powerful it is. Tapping will also assist you in clearing away any limiting beliefs. Recently the Veterans Administration has recognized EFT tapping as a healing technique for treating PTSD.