Invitation For Transformation

co-dependency, shame and the dynamics of the family carousel

My journey of self-discovery started many years ago. I have learned how to incorporate into my life 6 lessons that have completely transformed me. The first one came when I discovered the world of the 12 step recovery program. I learned a lot about myself in those meeting, and I discovered many new life changing principles. My first awareness came when I studied the work of John Bradshaw’s teachings about co-dependency, shame and the dynamics of the family carousel. There are many different parts on that carousel to include the enabler, mascot, hero, scapegoat, and lost child. His teachings allowed me to see glimpses of myself trying to peer through the haze and find my role and acceptance in my family’s carousel.

energy in our bodies

My second awareness came when I learned about energy in our bodies. I dove into learning about Reiki and went onto became a Reiki Master. I gained a greater understanding that energy in our bodies support us, or hinder us. In further studies I dove deeper into the realms of healing Reiki to encompass Holy Fire ll and Holy Fire ll Karuna Reiki. Reiki has become a real cornerstone in my life. It is my passion to share my experience, strength and hope of Reiki with you. To assist you for greater healing and helping you to expand your horizons in life. The introduction to and use of a crystal grid really gave me a powerful tool that I want to teach you. It helps me to promote a balance of energy in my home. It brings forth the feelings of support, nourishment that allows for much greater communication and understanding.

a trajectory of expansion and awareness,

As things would happen on my life shifting path, a friend pointed me to the offering of a course to become a Certified Spiritual Counselor. This was taught by Dr. Doreen Virtue. I went to California to take that course, and my life would never be the same. It pulled me in to a trajectory of expansion and awareness, I had only just begun to understand. I learned many things, but the most important was how I could hone and develop my keen sense of intuition. I will teach you to believe and discover you already have all of the answers inside of you.

energy impacts us in our environment both internally and externally

I have studied Feng Shui and I will teach you how to apply it to your daily life for a greater quality of living. I have experienced firsthand how much energy impacts us in our environment both internally and externally in all areas of our lives. Just by making slight changes or adjustments to our space can make a huge difference. I was committed to use the principles of Feng Shui to improve the communication in my marriage. The principles of Feng Shui teaches us that the element metal can be represented by the color white. It can help facilitate open and receptive communication. So, by placing white sheets on our bed, the quality of the communication increased exponentially.

uncover the possibilities and strategies to make adjustments in your life.

Knowing how the 5 element theory of Feng Shui work together or against each other, led me to a broader investigation of their influences in our lives. That led me to the study and implementation of the Chinese Four Pillar Astrology teachings. This extremely valuable informative tool uncovers for you the possibilities and strategies to make adjustments in your life. This can bring awareness of any deficiencies in the personal makeup of your being.  

possibilities for growth and healing are endless

About 4 years ago I was settling in on my path, content with how far I had grown and how much I had learned and was teaching my clients. My attention was captured by a post by Nick Ortner the author of The Tapping Solution. I watched the videos as he shared his experiences using EFT tapping. I saw how he and his team have facilitated tremendous amounts of healing from the grief, loss and sorrow in his entire community of New Town Connecticut. That is where the Sandy Hook School shootings had taken place. I knew I needed to bring this technique to my practice. I know it is a powerful tool that has facilitated such a transformed shift in my own life. I learned more about all of the research that has been done. The more my clients step into the awareness of possibilities for growth in their lives, the more I know that the possibilities for growth and healing are endless. And that is why I am so passionate about taking you on a journey and to walk alongside you to become the best you can become. What in your life would you like to shift? I invite you to schedule a conversation with me now so we can get started together.

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