Meet Madison

Madison is an author, speaker, teacher, reiki master, and certified spiritual counselor, as well as being certified as an Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) practitioner.

Since the age of 20, Madison has dedicated every decade to upgrading her mindset, powerfully shifting her perspective on life to continually finding the peace within. A trauma survivor and counselor, she recognizes the vital need to release past negative beliefs, emotions, and fears that cause stress, anxiety, self-doubt. and self-sabotage to live an extraordinary life of freedom. She has adapted the lessons she’s learned to help others transform their lives as well. Madison’s work promotes dynamic brain health, through multiple modalities including nutrition and essential oils for optimum performance and happiness.

Madison is a great believer in giving back to her community and has been serving in local organizations for decades. She serves on the board of Divorce Cafe, and as a member of  SHEROES United, a nonprofit organization that helps women overcome trauma, her particular forte is working with incarcerated women who are improving their lives and desiring to leave as victors and leaders, instead of victims.