Meet Madison

I am a Author, Reiki Master, Certified Spiritual Counselor and have Studied and certified with Karen Raugh Carter’s Inspired Feng Shui course. Certified as an EFT practitioner with the Awakenings Institute, and I am a Lifestyle Wellnes Advocate.

Since the age of 20 I have dedicated every decade to upgrading my  mindset and have shifted my perspective on life and found peace within myself. I recognize the need to release past negative beliefs, emotions & fears that cause stress, anxiety, self-doubt. and self-sabotage. I have adapted the lessons I’ve learned into a transformation process in which I now help my clients to do the same. Recognizing the significance of doing all we can do to promote healthy brain health through nutrition to be our optimal best. I learned from Michael Blackstone a technique called Personal Reconciliation and Reunion which unites the left and right brain hemispheres to work together after years and sometimes decades of surviving independently after a traumatic event.

I have worked with battered and abused women offering a free support group. I am member of a Sheroes United a 501C3 support movement for change, and the Junior League of Salt Lake. I am  very active in my community working with people to make the planet a better place.

Please call to schedule an appointment with me.